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At Global Builders, quality is a proactive ideology, where our staff and systems are constantly working toward the prevention of issues. In order to be the “Builder of Choice” for our clients, our teams dedicate themselves to delivering a superior product for every project.

Our main approach to quality is to elevate and integrate the process to a position that is essential to success. Each plan collaboratively defines the quality requirements in preconstruction and provides the necessary controls and procedures to ensure the construction activities exceed the owner’s requirements.

Global Builder’s quality control program is modeled around a three-phase system. This system involves gathering, reviewing and understanding the required preparatory information before the work begins, setting an initial standard of workmanship, and lastly, continuously following-up on the project to assure compliance with the contract requirements


Safety is our culture. Protecting the lives of our clients, employees, subcontractors and the public is our greatest value and guides our philosophy. Our project Managers recognize their responsibility to establish and maintain exceptional worksites. Our methodology of achieving safety excellence relies on a simple approach and message; “No One Gets Hurt.”

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“We are building a better world one building at a time and we love what we do!”

— Carmen Gratace, President

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