The Global Builders Inc. Pre-construction System is a collaborative, robust and resource-rich program that facilitates effective communication between project stakeholders to launch informed, timely decisions. This process ensures an effective and efficient use of energy and effort that culminates in meeting project goals and client expectations.


The traditional approach to pre-construction typically limits client services to an estimate, a schedule and logistics plan. Our approach extends these into a system of tools that defines a more holistic and predictable pre-construction process that achieves better results and generates greater value.


In addition to developing estimating, scheduling and logistics plans, our system involves:

Analyzing Historical Benchmarking • Programming Analysis • Cost Benchmarking • Schedule Benchmarking • Real Time Estimating • Cost Modeling • Control Estimate • Contingency Development • Coordinating Design & Construction • Safety Plan Development • Design & Constructability Review • QA/QC Review • Logistic & Phasing Development • Document Control • Schedule Sequencing & Development • Procurement planning & subcontractor qualification • Bid Packaging & Procurement • Subcontractor Qualifications